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Desktop Goose it's not like any video game. It's more like an app where you get a goose on your Windows PC desktop. And this goose is not friendly. It will do a lot of things on your desktop. You can't stop it. You can't move it. You can't minimize it. You can just watch it doing it's things.

Desktop Goose is the best goose ever that you can find on the internet. If you want a nice desktop goose, you are in the right place.

The strange thing about this goose is, it can do a lot of things. It can move around your desktop. It can steal the cursor. It can make sounds. It can drag windows. It can move windows. It can throw things on your desktop. It can throw the windows itself. It can throw mud on your desktop.

Why do you need so many things on your desktop?

There are many reasons for that. Maybe you want a friend on your desktop. Maybe you want a pet on your desktop. Maybe you want a person on your desktop who can do a lot of things for you. Maybe you want to have fun watching it doing it's things than Goose Desktop app for you. All these things can be made with the Desktop Goose app. 

With Desktop Goose download you can have the goose on your desktop that walks around, honks, grabs your mouse cursor, drags your windows around. It is not a game, it is just a little prank for your computer.

Free Desktop Goose game is a great joke for your friends, colleagues, and family members.


"I was just playing some fangames when the goose came in and started honking at me! I nearly jumped out of my seat!"

by Achlyophage

"I don't care what they say, I love this goose."

by King of Goose

"And now I have a goose on my screen. With a little picture of a goose. And it honks. I love it!"

by Some Guy

"Funny as hell, a great way to see how people react."

by A Game

"Loving it, it's a great prank to play on friends!"

by Goose Brother


The gameplay of the Goose Desktop Game is an endless runner with the Goose as the main character. You’re in control of the goose, and you have to deliver all the baby geese to their respective nests. The task is to avoid obstacles such as rocks, boats, tree bark, and other similar objects. You can also have Desktop Goose mods and stop the baby geese from getting hurt by collecting them in your beak.

The game has three modes to play. The first one is the story mode. It has 15 levels and each level is harder than the previous one. The second mode is the free mode. It allows you to explore the world and play at your own pace. The last mode is the time attack mode. You have to deliver all the baby geese before the time runs out.

The story mode has a few sections of the game. Each section has an objective you have to complete. In the first section, you have to collect a statement from a farmer. In the second section of the Desktop Goose free game, you have to collect a letter from a man who is on vacation.

Key Features of the Desktop Goose Game for PC: 

- The goose appears on your desktop

- It honks

You can download Desktop Goose to your PC. It will give you some goose related problems on your desktop. The Goose will drag your windows, make honking sounds and steal your mouse. As I said, it is a bit of a nightmare. But it is also a bit funny.

Desktop Goose games are a great way to pass time. It will make you laugh so hard. The best thing about it is its interface. It is very simple. Download it for free and have fun.


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